Central Asia Tours

Central Asia Tours. 

Welcome to the Great Silk Road!

On this page you will find the keys to all the mysteries and secrets of the Great Silk Road. We offer you unique tours on which you can walk along the roads that attract all travelers. Here you will learn the reasons that unite the destinies, culture and civilization of the peoples of Central Asia. You will visit the most beautiful places of all 5 countries on tour and enjoy the beauty of nature, fresh air and the coolness of the mountains.

Hospitality of the Asian people will not leave anyone indifferent during Silk Road Tours! 


Kyrgyzstan tours:
Cultural tours
Weekend tours
Self-drive Tours
Active tours
Off road 4X4 Tours 
Kyrgyz Tour 1
Kyrgyz Tour 2
Kyrgyz Tour 3
Kyrgyz Tour 4
Kyrgyz Tour 5 

Kazakhstan tours:
Kazakh Tour 1
Kazakh Tour 2
Kazakh Tour 3
Kazakh Tour 4
Kazakh Tour 5
Kazakh Tour 6
Kazakh Tour 7
Kazakh Tour 8

Tajikistan tours:
Tajik tour 1
Tajik tour 2
Tajik tour 3
Tajik tour 4
Tajik tour 5
Tajik tour 6
Tajik tour 7
Tajik tour 8

Turkmenistan tours:
Turkmen tour 1
Turkmen tour 2
Turkmen tour 3
Turkmen tour 4
Turkmen tour 5
Turkmen tour 7
Turkmen tour 8
Turkmen tour 6

Uzbekistan tours:
Uzbek tour 1
Uzbek tour 2
Uzbek tour 3
Uzbek tour 4
Uzbek tour 5
Uzbek tour 6
Uzbek tour 7
Uzbek tour 8

Silk Road Tours:
Silk Road Tours 1
Silk Road Tours 2
Silk Road Tours 3
Silk Road Tours 4

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