Self-drive Tour 3

Self-drive tour 3, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Self-drive Tour 3
Number of days: 8
Seasons: 1 May - 15 September 


Ala Archa National Park - was created to preserve endangered rare species of animals and plants
Burana Tower - built in 11 century by Karahanids!
Stone Warriors Balbals - statures made in 7 century for brave warriors! 
Issyk Kul Lake - the second largest mountain lake in the world!
Petroglyphs - ancient stone pictures made more than 2 500 years ago!
Karakol town - old town with famous Orthodox Church and Dungan Mosque!
Jeti Oguz gorge - the gorge of red rocks with nomads not far from it! 
Drinking Kumis - it is fermented mare's milk!
Kochkor museum - a museum with examples of national Kyrgyz handicraft! 
Son Kul Lake - the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan located 3 016 m above see level
Nomads - you will meet nomadic families to find out more about them!
Felt Show - master class in creating national carpets
Yurts - you will have a chance to sleep in nomadic felt dwellings yurts! 
High passes - you will drive over passes more than 3 000 meters high!
Yaks - it is possible to see these unusual animals in the mountains!
Mountains, Mountains, Mountains - amazing nature will surprise you! 

Day 1: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek (40 km, asphalt 100 %)
The Self-drive Tour to Kyrgyzstan begins with the meeting at Manas International Airport. It is going to be with offering a car you have chosen for rent. Then goes the way right to the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek. To get there it is necessary to spend about 30 minutes and cover 34 km. We would like to remind the guests that one of the ways can be going along the Ala Archa gorge, it is a National Park. Nowadays travellers usually begin their tours in this Park. For now it is of free visiting, previously it was necessary to be of high position. It is located in 45km from Bishkek and bears the history since 1976. The park is 200 km2 with one of the main sights to pay attention to - Peak Semenov-Tienshanski of 4,895m above sea level. The other part of the day is devoted to returning back to the capital and having a city sightseeing. Here there are a lot of sites for a route, like Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic. They bear historical and architectural significance that is why the places are of a high vacationist attention. You will stay over in the hotel.
Day 2: Bishkek - Burana - Chon Kemin (150 km, asphalt 100 %)
From Bishkek you will travel to Burana tower. It is peculiar for being the minaret of older times, since 11th century it is the site for all wanderers along the Great Silk Road with balbals staying around and protecting the tower. The route continues to the Chon Kemin gorge, one of the most amazing and picturesque sites due to picturesque valleys and pastures used for horse rising, and cattle breeding. Moreover, it is one of the most amazing sites for witnessing the beauties of panoramic views. Despite the fact that it is a self-drive journey, our managers will arrange you a wonderful horse riding tour in this gorge to experience all magnificent power of mountain ranges going through Kyrgyzstan. Hospitable dwellers will give you a place to spend the night. 
Day 3: Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake northern shore - Karakol (330 km, asphalt 100 %)
Having a great sleep you travel to the north of Issyk Kul Lake. It is known for being clear, transparent, at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. Being in the heart of mountains the locals call it "the pearl". Looking at the map it can be proved. It is possible to wander about its territories, have a look of ancient sites, still living in the modern time. Then guests are brought to Karakol town, the home of petroglyphs and ancient images. Besides it you can visit Dungan mosque, the site of the Chinese style with a great variety of testimonies of the ancient times. Close to it there is Orthodox Church. Both religious buildings are created without metal and nails. There are a lot of sites where to spend the night, but we recommend choosing a boarding house.
Day 4: Karakol - Jeti Oguz - Issyk Kul southern shore - Kochkor (300 km, asphalt 100 %)
Karakol is a great town, but you move further to the other peculiar site of Kyrgyzstan, Jeti Oguz gorge. It is of a shape of seven bulls standing in a row and the mountain Broken Heart near it. Both of them are connected with the legend of its emergence and will be gladly told by guides. Then you investigate the south of the lake, visit Bokonbaevo village and watch eagle hunting. The show is breath-taking as eagles (berkuts) are stunning birds. In the end of the day guests are driving to Kochkor village peculiar for the process of creation of long-serving carpets. One of the native dwellers will find a site for you to sleep. 
Day 5: Kochkor - 33 parrots - Son Kul (170 km dirt road 80 %, asphalt 20 %)
Being in the morning in Kochkor you will have breakfast and take a way to the second well-known lake - Son Kul. In Kyrgyzstan everything is located at the altitudes and it is not the exception, passing the 33 parrots pass you will find yourself at the altitude of 3016m above sea level. As all around there are only mountains, it can be cold, even if the sun is shining brightly, so have warm clothes with you. The lake is amazing due to emerald-green pastures and clean cool air. Guests will have dinner in the home of the nomad, spending night in the dwelling yurt.
Day 6: Son Kul - Kochkor (140 km, dirt 50 %, asphalt 50 %)
The morning will be near the breezing Lake Son Kul, it is high time to investigate nature! Guests have an opportunity to ride a horse, to immerse in the atmosphere of purity. At 2 pm there will be lunchtime and then a way to Kochkor village. Right near it there is a gorge and multiple choices to wander about the mountain range and feel the nature. You will sleep in the home of the native citizen. 
Day 7: Kochkor - Bishkek (225 km, asphalt 100 %)
This day will be full of emotions from a tour coming back to Bishkek. After the arrival guests will visit the Asian Bazaar, the main sightseeing of the city. At the same time it is going to be great to travel about the city and visit big malls, and just go sightseeing. Before returning home you will sleep in the hotel.

Day 8: Bishkek - Airport
In the end of the journey you will be transferred to airport to tell your friends about all details of the Self-drive tour to Kyrgyzstan.

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